Location: Montreal Neurological Institute

Grad school is a marathon, not a sprint - let us help you recharge along the way.

-Wellbeing team


Whether you wish to enjoy a relaxing afternoon hike or an evening at the local bar, the GSAN Social team is here to rescue youfrom your laboratory life.

We welcome suggestions and advice from the neuronerds 🙂

Our Team

Four for the Neuro Council under the skull, Twenty three for the Neuro-nerds in their halls of stone,
Fourteen for Mortal neurons took oath as your ally, One for the Neuro Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Montreal where the synapses lie. One brain to rule them all, One brain to find them,
One brain to bring them all and in the myelin bind them, In the Land of Montreal where the synapses lie.

Rowan Pentz

President ;
McIntyre represantative

Alastair Garner

VP External

Julie Baily

VP Finance

Clément Bourguignon

VP Academic