Location: Montreal Neurological Institute

Language classes

GSAN Language: We want to promote our members’ passion for different languages, by providing avenues for practice. As a part of Montreal’s vibrant community, we focus on French, and we are working on expanding our offerings to include other languages such as Spanish. If you haven’t signed up for things already, don’t worry – we are always accepting participants on a rolling basis, so just write to gsan.french@gmail.com!

Currently, these are our initiatives:

  1. Language Classes: We offer French classes at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, and Spanish classes at the Beginner Level. 
    • All the classes are taught by graduate student volunteers. There is no set curriculum, and the progress of the class depends on its participants.
    • All the classes occur at the MNI. For specific details, please check out our calendar.
    • If you didn’t register at the beginning of the term, no problem – just drop by, talk to the teachers who will add you to our email list, and get started learning French / Spanish!
  1. Conversation Cafes: Starting in November, we will meet each month at different cafes over Montreal and spend an hour talking only in French! 
    • Spaces are limited, so each cafe event will be preceded by its own call to RSVP.
    • At least a basic French comprehension is highly recommended but all levels are welcome.
    • If you didn’t indicate your interest in the survey at the beginning of the term, you might not be on the email list to receive updates on the upcoming cafe, but don’t worry – write to us or simply stay tuned to the GSAN I’m Bored FB page.
  2. Language Buddy Program: Starting in the new year, language learners and sharers will meet at our opening event, and then onwards, maintain a bond of language mentorship over the semester. Stay tuned for details.

 Feel free to write to Zahraa Chorghay at gsan.french@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns.