Location: Montreal Neurological Institute

Journal Clubs


Weekly Synaptic Neurobiology Club in Bell Room

We started a small neurobiology journal club over the summer, with a focus on cellular and molecular neuroscience, particularly synaptic function / dysfunction. One student (or faculty member!) presents on a paper each week, or on their own research if they would like some feedback. Now that the school year has started up again, we’d like to make it more official! We are considering changing from Thursdays at 3:30 pm to another day the room is available, so please include which of the options works best for you. If you are already on the mailing list, you can still fill out the form if you’d like a say in the time switch, or email Naila directly! 


A sign-up sheet to present will be sent out once a time if confirmed. 

(Don’t worry, we will not force you to present a paper — though we will bribe you with treats and coffee at meetings and remind you that it is excellent practice!)

Email naila.kuhlmann@gmail.com for more information, signup here for their mailing list.

Alzheimer’s Disease Cross-Domain Student Group

We are a group for McGill graduates students researching AD from varied backgrounds. We meet on a semi-regular basis to learn from one another, share ideas, discuss key literature and socialize.

Email jacob.vogel@mail.mcgill.ca to join their mailing list.

MNI Interdisciplinary Epilepsy Journal Club

Debby Chen (Avoli lab) and I, Jack Lam (Kobayashi lab), are organizing an interdisciplinary epilepsy journal club designed to bring together students studying epilepsy from across the labs at the MNI to discuss diverse issues in the field. The goal of this journal club will be to connect students who are specialized in different approaches (ie basic science, MRI, PET, MEG, EEG, etc) and to increase dialogue and awareness across labs.

Email li-yuan.chen@mail.mcgill.ca or jackie.lam@mail.mcgill.ca to join their mailing list.