Location: Montreal Neurological Institute


With three different divisions of GSAN, the academics, social, wellbeing organizing wonderful events throughout the year, the total expenditure was around $30,000 and thanks to all the income sources, we had sufficient fund (~$30,000) to bear all these expenses. Thanks to Julie, our VP Finance for efficiently handling this tedious job and putting up a summary of GSAN Finance 2016-17, the expenditure breakdown for each of the divisions and the administrative expenses.


Around 96% of the total funding was utilized on GSAN Academics (46%) and Social(50%) events.
A major chunk of GSAN academic fund was allocated to the Neurosymposium, a students led initiative for young neuroscientists to present their work and interact with fellow researchers in the field of neuroscience. With so many amazing events, academics held many workshops catering students need, 3 minute thesis competition, talks, specialized journal clubs and language classes.
To ease the research life of IPN students, GSAN Social organized many fun events, parties, galas, for the students to come out and meet their fellow neuronerds, and chilling out.  Highest in expenditure (~50% of the GSAN total fund) , the social team brought a line up of superb social events to relieve the stressful minds at the IPN.
The Wellbeing team utilized less than 1% of the GSAN funds allocating it to the Peer support,a free service for students to talk to a trained listener. The Wellbeing team also dealt with the taboos of the research life with their series of discussions on imposter syndrome and death cafe, work-life balance, etc.
Less than 1% of the fund was spent on the GSAN monthly meetings and GSAN logo. Being the crucial part of every organization, these meetings addressed the backbone of each and every event held by GSAN throughout the year with welcoming suggestions, elections and the GSAN constitution.